Anaheim Tales Discussion Questions

I’m not a fan of discussion questions at the end of a book, because when I finish reading, I compulsively turn the pages and read the questions before I’ve sat for a moment (or a day) and let my own thoughts meander around in my head.

However, in case anyone is looking for discussion questions for Anaheim Tales, here are some ideas. NOTE! THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THESE QUESTIONS!

1. Which characters do you think Geoffrey understands better by the end of the book? Do you think there’s anyone he doesn’t understand better?

2. Which student did you most identify with?

3. Have you ever had a teacher like Mr. Tabard?

4. The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer, ends before the characters reach their destination. Were you disappointed with the ending of Anaheim Tales? What do you think happened over the next few days?

5. In The Canterbury Tales, a winner is never declared. Which story do you think should have won in Anaheim Tales?

6. There’s a question that Mr. Tabard says he’ll answer for Allison if she asks it again after she graduates. Do you think she’ll remember?

7. Geoffrey considers romantic relationships with three different classmates on the bus. Each would end up a very different kind of relationship. Discuss.

8. Do you think a good story needs a conflict? What about a good life?


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