Mix ‘n’ Match Resolutions for Writers

Happy New Year!

What? No resolutions yet? Here are some to choose from!

1. Write Every Day

Even if it’s only one sentence.

2. Monthly Word Count

Or daily. Keep it ACHIEVABLE. You probably don’t need this one AND #1.

3. Stop Correcting People’s Grammar and Spelling

You know it’s obnoxious. I might test you somewhere in this post.

4. Read One Classic, One Current Bestseller, and One Writing Book

I’m going to finish Moby Dick. The other two are still up for debate. As for the writing books, if I haven’t convinced you to read Sol Stein and John Gardner yet, I beg you.

5. Submit Ten Things

To an agent, a publisher, an anthology, a contest, a newspaper… It’s a numbers game.

6. Finish That Novel!

I’m talking to you, cousin Holly. Make it good later. Finish it now!

7. Stop Saying “Nothing” When People Ask What You Do

I’m talking to me!


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