An Open Letter to Jim Rome

I hate open letters. But they seem to be all the rage, so here’s one.

Dear Jim Rome,

You implied, from your very public platform, that no one who’s not in marching band thinks that marching band is cool. And then you apologized and said that you don’t condone bullying. This is what my book Anaheim Tales is all about. We as a society have talked and talked about not bullying, and has anything changed?

When I was in high school, my band director didn’t really want to do marching band. He wanted to focus on more serious music. Do you know who made him teach us to march and put us in sweaty polyester? The principal. All for the glory of the football team. Talk about cool! Brain injuries for the sake of high school sports! Yay!

But I digress. What is cool is young people finding something they love to do that is all in good fun. Making music is fun! Even learning a field show can be fun! So what if it’s not everybody’s cup of tea? Many people have lashed out at you on social media sites and told you how difficult music and marching are and defended how cool it is, and I agree with them. But what is important is our hearts. Why point out when you think something is dorky? What is wrong with our society when making fun of people can make you millions?

Thank you for apologizing, and for giving me a chance to plug my book.

M.L. Millard


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