Unicorn Jones and the Art of Shameless Self-Promotion

Self-published authors fight an internal battle daily. To plug or not to plug. That is the question. Their friends with normal day jobs aren’t using personal Facebook pages to sell anything, but those friends also don’t have to sell a certain number of books to be able to afford tires with actual tread on them.

So, even though author Unicorn Jones* made a fancy schmancy author page and asked her friends to “like” it, only about 20% of them did, and of those 20%, Facebook will only show about 20% of them each post, in hopes that Jones will pay to “boost” her post. Of course, Jones can’t afford that, because she didn’t sell any books last month.

And so, at the risk of Facebook deleting her personal account because she used it for business, and at the risk of annoying her friends, she shares her book, just once in a while, on her personal page.

Don’t hate her.

Once in a while, Jones gets invited to a party. She has recently stopped saying “nothing” when people ask her what she does. It was a big step. Now when people ask her what she does, she says, “I’m a writer.” And sometimes, she doesn’t wait for the person to ask what she writes. She needs new tires, so she just says, “Ihaveayoungadultnovelabout(whatever)it’savailableonAmazon.”

Don’t hate her. She needs new tires. The principal almost didn’t let her drive on a field trip last week.

So she’s still learning the art of self-promotion. She’s still trying to find the compromise between saying she does “nothing” and guilting everyone who makes eye contact with her into buying her books. Don’t stop inviting her to parties. Unicorn Jones just needs an income, and though she hates the self-promotion, she is trying to feel shameless.


*Not a real name


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