The Racism and Sexism No One is Talking About in the Alpha Phi Video.

The obvious lack of non-white women in the trending Alpha Phi sorority video has been pointed out. Strangely, most of the comments on Facebook say that people are being “too PC” if they think there’s something wrong with only pretty white girls in the video. That’s a HUGE issue, but not the one I want to talk about.

What if a fraternity of half naked white college men made a video with one attractive woman in it? And what if that woman were black? Black women (and anyone who cared about them) would be horrified! “Dear Black People, we will not let you in our club, but we welcome you as objects of our affection.”?

But isn’t that what essentially happens in the Alpha Phi video? Twenty sexy white women deign to allow one black person in their video because he’s a strapping, attractive man? He probably didn’t think about it as the camera was rolling, but I wonder what he thinks now that he’s seen the final cut. Is he wondering now why the women are running around in their swimsuits eating popsicles in the other scenes? Is he just now wondering if any of his non-white women friends tried to get into Alpha Phi?

I’m so disgusted by this that I’ll probably hit “publish” without editing. So attack me. But if this video isn’t bothering you, look beyond what’s lacking in my blog and ask yourself why it’s okay for young women to keep selling themselves short, and why it’s okay for a group to have all white members, and don’t tell me that there are groups with all black members. It is different when the race that oppressed other races for centuries doesn’t let those races into its club. And we ALL. KNOW. IT.



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