Writing Prompts for Kids

I used to think writing prompts were a waste of time. I had a book to finish, after all. However, the other day I used one just for fun and it really got my creative juices flowing. I even came up with something I might use in another story someday.

Unfortunately, the prompt was not very kid-friendly. I decided to write a few that would be good for kids or adults. Change the pronouns, names, or tenses, write a paragraph or a novel, whatever you want. Go crazy! And feel free to share your story in the comments.

1. Madi always said she had a big sister who ran off with the circus, but I never believed her.

2. The house had that empty feel, but Quinn checked all the rooms before peeling back the rug and pulling up the loose floorboard.

3. The rock is smooth and heavy in my hand. To throw it or not.

4. Behind my new school there’s a forest.

5. “Not too far,” Mom yelled. I paddled out farther anyway. If I told her the truth, she wouldn’t be so worried about me, but if I told her the truth it might start a war.


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