Mom’s Homework Advice

Does your kid stress out about homework? I wrote this list for my daughter years ago, and she STILL loves to look at it once in a while. Some kids need a very different kind of list, but if your kid is like mine, print this out and put it by their desk. When you’re frustrated, let the list speak for you.

1. Just turning it in is better than many do.

2. If you are only given a week to do it, it doesn’t have to look like you spent a year on it.

3. You always do a good job.

4. It’s okay if someone’s project looks better than yours. Tell them “Nice job!”

5. The teacher’s goal is for you to learn, not be stressed. Enjoy what you’re learning.

6. Whining doesn’t help. I’ve tried it.

7. God doesn’t check homework for entrance into heaven.

8. I love you no matter what your homework looks like.

9. Don’t say mean things about my friend (YOU!).



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