Writing Groups: Better Than Astroturfing

I’m probably the last person in the world to find out about the social media term “astroturfing.” Basically, it means a fake grassroots campaign. In the writer world, it would mean paying a company to put fake comments, likes, and reviews on your page from multiple accounts.

I belong to Redwood Writers, a 300-member branch of the California Writers Club. Our motto is “Writers Helping Writers,” and true to our motto, we have a free newsletter where members can make announcements, monthly meetings with informative speakers, critique groups, contests, and more. Everyone is supportive, and the super successful members are generous with their ideas and encouragement.

But I think one thing we could be doing to help each other more is following each other on Facebook and Twitter and liking each other’s posts. I realize that we don’t want to share too much or our friends will get tired of it and unfollow us. But it only takes a second to hit “like” and maybe five seconds to say, “This book looks so good,” or “Can’t wait to read this.” More likes and comments make us look more attractive to the non-writer audience.

We’re always asking each other for Amazon reviews, and reviews are golden but it takes a lot of time and sometimes money to read a book and write a review. Social media astroturfing (though it’s not really astroturfing because our support is real) is something we can do for each other so easily. And it’s all legal and legit!

My Twitter handle is @MLMillardauthor. If you leave your handle in the comments, I promise to follow you and give you at least a “like” when you come across my screen.

Much love,

M.L. Millard


4 thoughts on “Writing Groups: Better Than Astroturfing

      • Welcome to Redwood Writers, James. It really is a helpful organization.
        Astroturfing, Marie? I don’t know that following writer friends on FB and Twitter and making supportive comments on those sites qualifies as Astroturfing. That makes it sound phony or insincere. I think we are sincere.


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