Guest Blog! Why My Pro-Life Sister Marched in D.C.

This is a guest blog from my big sister. I have long looked up to her as a model Christian, mom, wife, Bible-studier, and person-lover. She’s the real deal. She’s not a blogger, but she puts this into words better than I have because what’s in her heart is pure and based on absolute devotion to God and His word. Thank you so much, Becky, for letting me share this. 

Tonight I travel home from the women’s march in Washington DC. I wanted to process so many thoughts and emotions before I put it out there in writing but I finally realized I just need to begin. It will have to come in chapters as it is a bit overwhelming.

First of all I have a lot of friends who won’t understand that I went, so I will begin there. I love Jesus. This is what informs me. I happen to know that he values each and every human being more than he values his own life, his own purity, his own safety, or position. He is not afraid to love anyone. That people would receive a message different than that from the church this election cycle absolutely breaks my heart. I needed to represent what I know is true.

Second, I love living in this free country of mine and respect the office of the president so deeply that I cannot accept certain things quietly. I cannot accept that we did not disqualify a man who boasted about sexually assaulting women and then gave the “boys will be boys” brush off to “explain.” It literally hurts my heart. Women, you are more valuable than this. You matter. You deserve protecting. You deserve justice. My friends with disabilities, you know you are my favorites. Making fun of you and brushing it off by saying something like “I do that whenever someone I’m talking to someone who doesn’t know what to say,” is not okay. You are more valuable than that. You matter. You deserve to be treated with respect. You men and women of color, senators and single moms, you who sell stocks and you who sell cds on the street corner, you deserve to raise your kids without having to teach them how to survive the police. You are more valuable than this. Your lives matter. Mexican people who have come into California illegally, I have seen how hard you work in the fields picking food that most of the US eats. I know farmers who have had to leave produce in the fields because the workers were too few. We need you and we need to value you enough to give you a less dangerous and costly way to come. You are valuable. You matter. Muslim Americans, I am sorry that we have , as we did with Japanese Americans during WWII, let fear overtake love. Love, as I know him, is fearless. If the threat of a registry arises again, we will fight it. Registering people according to their religion is out of a play book we don’t want any part of. You are more valuable than that. You matter. You are our neighbors. People who feel threatened because of your identity, you should never ever experience violence or abuse, or fear to let yourself be seen. You deserve to know peace. You deserve to live in freedom. You are valuable. You matter.

I know what some of you are saying- “What about the babies?!” Yes I am pro-life. I spent years volunteering to offer women help, information, options. I hate abortion as I also see it as another kind of assault on women. I now think that reversing Roe V. Wade is trying to put the genie back in the bottle. If you truly care about the issue, more than the law, I think we can better reduce abortions by (returning to my first point) fighting rape and abuse, making sure women make equal pay for equal work can afford healthcare, etc. Reduce the need. I will stop there for now. Too long already. I marched for the people I care about. All of them.


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