When I Grow Up (a poem for children)


By M.L. Millard


When I grow up, I just might be a space-exploring astronaut

But if I can’t, I’ll still have fun exploring all that THIS world’s got

I might become a teacher and be just as cool as Mrs. M

But if I don’t, when I see children I will still be kind to them

I could become a bodybuilder, sculpting rock-hard abs and thighs

And maybe not, but I’ll be sure to get a LITTLE exercise

Construction workers seem to have a most exciting job, oh boy!

In any job I’ll use my talents to create and not destroy

I’d love to be a rock star watch my hit songs rise to number one

If I don’t have the talent, I will sometimes rock out just for fun

We all know how a nurse or doctor helps each woman, child, and man

I might not be one, but if someone’s hurt I’ll help the best I can

I might collect your garbage and I might conduct a symphony

When I grow up, I don’t know WHAT I’ll do, but I know who I’ll BE.


(See my Books page to order this book for your kids to illustrate themselves!)



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