Other Half (a poem)


By Rae Messenger


We mingle with our glasses full

of wine from someone else’s shelves

Not big on wine, I haven’t drunk

And soon we’re standing by ourselves

Now you have swallowed half of yours

Don’t worry, I add half my cup

Now mine’s half gone, but it’s okay

I’m happy to see yours filled up

About the time the party’s at

its liveliest and in full swing

I notice with a sigh that you have

Gone and drunk the whole damn thing

I don’t know why I’m doing it

(And someday maybe I can laugh)

But I look in your hazel eyes

And I pour out my other half

Into your glass, then comes along

An older woman, Botoxed lips

She eyes my liquid in your glass

“Half empty or half full?” she quips

“Half full!” you say, and she replies

“I really like the way you think”

But I have noticed (she has not)

That you are scared to take a drink

Someone conjures up more wine

You smile and ask me “Shall I pour?”

I clutch my empty, fragile glass

And I’m not thirsty anymore



You Know What You Can Do With Your Blog About Male Feminists

The other day on Twitter I saw a guy’s article about calling himself a feminist instead of saying he was a “male feminist.” The guy had a special-person blue check by his name. The gist of what he’d written was that men should just join the fight instead of making themselves seem special because they were “male.”

Or something.

Anyway, I commented in agreement and mentioned the SNL skit with the men talking about how hard women have it and when their women friends try to say something about their experiences, the men cut them off. It is so on target.

The guy “liked” my comment. He also thanked people who had commented “Great article” and such. But then some other men came on and told me that I was not a feminist because my page had nothing about women protesting in Iran and that mansplaining is not a thing and that it’s a sexist word to use. In short, obnoxious trolling.

So here’s what the saintly feminist (not male feminist mind you, because he’s better than guys who call themselves male feminists) did when I was getting harassed.


So guys, I don’t care if you are going to call yourselves feminists, or male feminists, or fighters for equality, or whatever, how about actually standing up for women who are taking all kinds of shit for being women. Otherwise I don’t care what the fuck you call yourself, you’re just like the rest of them.