Shelter in Place, Week 3

Depression. I have struggled with it for a long time, and I’m kind of surprised it’s not worse than it is now. I have done what I can. Daily walks, zoom chats, and practicing my instrument as if the world is going to resume business as usual someday and I can gig again.

Some people really miss hugs. That’s not what I miss. I miss chats that aren’t being recorded. I miss going to my mom’s house or my sister’s house or a long walk with a friend and saying what I really think without fear of those words getting to the wrong person. We’re all a little more careful on Zoom. Well, not all. Last week I was talking to someone and they said something about a leader of a country that made me nervous. I almost wanted to add “May he live forever,” just to be safe.

Honestly I think the people who weren’t depressed beforehand are faring worse. I’m like “Oh did you just notice the world sucks?” At the moment I’m feeling it because it’s the morning and I haven’t eaten and [redacted] and I didn’t get enough sleep, but I’m surprised it hasn’t been worse.

A local policewoman (Sonoma County) died of the Covid19. She was 43. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one combing the article to see if she had an underlying health problem. None was mentioned. The CDC is considering recommending face masks for everyone, which is pretty maddening, since they first explicitly told people not to wear them. Domestic violence calls are up.

School is officially out for the year. “Distance learning” means that my kid is Zooming her college classes in her room while my husband teaches in the dining room.

By the way, I don’t know if the “Week 3” in my title is accurate. I can’t remember the exact date this started. Is it week four? I could Google it, but meh. Feel free to check. It’s April second. Autism awareness day. Be aware that it’s extra hard for many people with autism to be thrown off their schedule. Of course, people with autism can also be very pragmatic and more responsible about things like social distancing.

Speaking of social distancing, don’t go to church if yours is one of the only ones open this Easter. You’ve missed it for vacations; you can miss it in order to not pass a virus to someone. This isn’t the flu.

Will handshakes be a thing of the past? Cast your vote for bowing or the Vulcan “live long and prosper” sign in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Shelter in Place, Week 3

  1. I say we use the Vulcan sign instead of handshakes.
    Am also going to reblog your post to my blog page. My Covid-19 SIP confinement has left me feeling happy with a lot of laziness, including writing for my blog.


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