Shelter at Home, Week 4: Easter

I was so lucky to find eggs at the store Friday. A dozen white eggs! I must have happened along right after they restocked. No toilet paper, but that’s okay. My parents gave me 12 rolls and my friend Caron gave me six. I’m rich!
The Easter bunny, after riding by on a fire truck earlier in the week (wearing a giant mask for safety) made it with a basket. Unfortunately, even he can’t get See’s candy right now. But he did manage a cute basket, stuffed bunny, and m&m’s and Reese’s pieces.
At noon I went out on my balcony and played Christ the Lord Is Risen Today on trombone. I was half expecting a “shut up” but got a “thank you!”
We watched the Peanuts Easter special (glad we have it on DVD), dyed our eggs, played some music, and we’re going to be watching American Idol soon. At least I think it’s on this week. We all wonder what that show will do in a couple weeks when they’re supposed to go live from Hollywood. Postpone, I guess.
My mom sounded sad on the phone that we couldn’t get together for Easter today, but she wasn’t advocating for going against the rule, just bummed about the situation.
My sister’s town of Mill Valley started the “howl at eight o’ clock” thing, and it’s caught on in my neighboring town, but not so much in mine. I hear one group really far away, and sometimes I howl back. Three days ago I started walking at about 10:30 at night because no one is out, and I feel safer alone in the dark than trying to stay away from the dozens of other people trying to walk down the same street.
I believe Friday was day 26 of sheltering? Anyway, it’s the day I thought I was going to lose my mind if anyone said one more thing to me. I just wanted quiet! All day, in my tiny house, I hear my husband teaching his high school students, and I am used to being by myself all day. Maybe something was in the air. One of my students looked pretty bummed that day, too. Maybe tomorrow I’ll hang out in my car a little bit.
My friend’s uncle died of Covid19 on the East Coast. He was 63. I found out that the 43-year-old policewoman who died in my county did NOT have any preexisting conditions, and also that she’d asked twice to be tested but was turned down because she was young and didn’t have preexisting conditions. I’m sure it didn’t help that she was a woman and not white. Studies say you don’t get taken as seriously. It’s maddening because our hospitals aren’t even inundated yet.
I still miss the Sonoma Coast and Armstrong Woods, and I really miss gigging with bands, but so far I’m doing pretty well with not thinking about it. And I know we’re lucky to be healthy and well-fed.

1 thought on “Shelter at Home, Week 4: Easter

  1. Love this entry. Everyone can relate in one way or another. I love that you went outside on Easter and played your trombone. Keep doing it. I wish you lived in my neighborhood so I could get a live concert every night.


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