My newest book is a YA novel called The Trade. I don’t have the link yet, but you can find it on Amazon!

Anaheim Tales – a novella for older teens

A field trip bus ride turns into a rollicking Canterbury Tales style storytelling contest. The stories lead Geoffrey and his high school classmates to debate every difficult issue that teenagers face, from bad math teachers and popularity contests, to depression and rape. Will the contest bring them together or tear them apart?

littlefootLittlefoot Part One

What if Cinderella didn’t want to go to the ball? Littlefoot wants everything to stay the same in the beautiful kingdom of Cenerentola. She doesn’t need to to to a ball, and she doesn’t need to meet the dimwitted prince, and she certainly doesn’t need her best friend Asher to profess his love for her. But when the prince of Fenholm goes missing during his visit to Cenerentola and the King of Calmeto comes to help find him, things do indeed change, and Littlefoot, her sweet sisters, and their sassy grandma land right in the middle of it all. This fairy tale comedy is a complete 80-page story soon to be joined by parts two and three. 99 cents on Kindle.

kingdomSeeking First His Kingdom (61 days of worry-free devotions) 
– a Bible devotional

Jesus says to seek first His kingdom instead of worrying about money. Spend 61 days reading what God says about His kingdom in the Bible. Free in blog form! Scroll to the end of 2016.

grow-upWhen I Grow Up 
– a paperback book for kids (or adults) to illustrate themselves

This whimsical rhyming book explores many of the careers kids often want to have and reminds us that it’s not what job we have but the kind of person we are that matters.

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